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The Morecambe Winter Gardens opened as The Victoria Pavilion theatre in 1897 and is situated on the resort’s central promenade, overlooking Morecambe Bay.

Since its formation in 1986, The Friends of The Winter Gardens charity has represented all who love this famous theatre, which sadly closed to the public in 1977 and has worked to protect the building pending full restoration.

In Spring 2006, The Friends judged the time was right to purchase The Winter Gardens and formed a charitable trust company limited by guarantee. The Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust Limited now owns the building and complements the Friends fund-raising by focussing on applications to potential funding bodies based on professional assessments that argue persuasively the theatre has a viable future if restored as a multi-purpose venue.
This website enables you to explore and contribute to the rich history, exciting present and proposed future of what is quite simply an amazing building, so please take a look at our other pages for more information.

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The Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust Ltd:
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The Friends of The Winter Gardens:
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